Lee Radziwill on Discovering the Coats of Martin Grant

Mar 2015

Years ago, while looking around Barneys with my friend André Leon Talley, I came across a black leather jacket that I was mad about. I hadn’t heard of the designer, but André knew immediately that it was Martin Grant, an Australian who now lives and works in Paris. I live there too, for part of the year at least, and upon my return I was determined to track him down. It wasn’t easy finding his tiny shop in the Marais, and when I did, it was closed for lunch. So I walked around — and then around some more — until it was open, and there he was, skinny, boyish and super low-key. For me, his talent lies in making coats and jackets that never feel trendy because he understands and respects line, proportion and simplicity. Even now that his Paris quarters are large and lovely, how lucky we are that he doesn’t need or want to show off. And how lucky I am that we remain the closest friends.

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Martin Grant - Lee Radziwill on Discovering the Coats of Martin Grant